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Lifepac realises and attempts to enforce the importance of not just being aware but also prepared.

Lifepac's durable backpack design makes it convenient not just for the one-off disaster but also for recreational activities such as camping, boating, skiing, tramping and travelling etc. It is important to be prepared with the necessary survival equipment when participating in these recreational activities especially in New Zealand’s unpredictable climate as past tragedies have shown.

At Lifepac we provide high quality packs. We have compiled the packs as if they would save our own family.

We have designed and compiled survival kits for homes, cars, offices and schools which concentrate on the essential products in order to assist you and your family’s survival for up to 3 days in an emergency. Our team at Lifepac are here to equip you and your family with a comprehensive New Zealand survival kit.

Lifepac's are the most affordable emergency survival pack on the market. you also can have the convenience of ordering a kit online this will mean that you will not have to spend time running around shops buying the many individual necessities, but you can rely on our expertise, quality and low price. With the click of a button we will deliver to your doorstep.


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